You can now play it on Android OS; Jumpscare removed; Project discontinued;

I had a really fun time making this game. In fact, I scared myself quite a few times when testing  it from the jumpscare, which was a picture of Jeff The Killer.

In fact, Jeff The Killer was the gardener, but a lot of people didn't really get that - if any. 

But it's okay. I've decided to remove it because of the negative feedback I got about it - being a 'cheap jumpscare' and being really old and 'classic'.

This game can also now be played using Android OS. I decided to make an Android build, since I was going to have to rebuild and update the game anyway. Now in case anyone that wants to play it on their phones or tablets, they can do so.

This is also the final update this game will recieve. It was a fun little project I did because I was bored, and it was a fun learning experience for me!

Nonetheless, I'm extremely grateful for the players that found the game fun and didn't mind/liked the little secret at the end ;).
Or the players that will still download the game in the future!

Files 57 MB
Version 1.0 Oct 26, 2022 42 MB
Version 1.0 Oct 26, 2022 60 MB
Version 1.0 Oct 26, 2022

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